2015-2016 Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documentation

2016-2017 Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documentation

Booksin’s general meetings are held on Tuesdays, at least 6 times per year. In order to allow flexibility for our community to attend we alternate meetings times between morning and evenings. Morning meetings begin at 8:20am and evening meetings are at 7:00pm in the Booksin Cafeteria. This page will be updated with meeting agendas as soon as they are available, and meeting minutes as soon as they are approved.

2017-2018 Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documentation
Date Agenda Minutes Relevant Documentation
September Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
September General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Draft Minutes
October Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  No Meeting
October General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  No Meeting
November Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
November General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Draft Minutes
December Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  No Meeting
December General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  No Meeting
January Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
January General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Draft Minutes
February Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
February General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Draft Minutes
March Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
March General Meeting  Agenda Minutes  Draft Minutes
April Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
April General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Draft Minutes
May Advisory Board Meeting  Agenda   Minutes
May General Meeting  Agenda`   Minutes  Draft Minutes