2015-2016 Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documentation
Date Agenda Minutes Relevant Documentation
9/8/15 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
9/8/15 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
10/5/15 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
10/13/15 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
11/9/15 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Budget Amendment Requests
Proposed Post WAT Budget
11/17/15 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
12/7/15 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
12/15/15 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Proposed BESCA Bylaws
Meeting Slides
1/8/16 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
1/19/16 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Updated Proposed BESCA Bylaws
2/1/16 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
2/9/16 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Budget Amendment Requests
Proposed BESCA Bylaw Amendments
3/7/16 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
3/15/16 General Meeting  Agenda Minutes Budget Amendment Request
Proposed BESCA Bylaw Amendments
3/28/16 Board Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
4/5/16 General Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Budget Amendment Request Science Teacher Salary
Budget Amendment Request Intervention Curriculum
5/2/16 Board Meeting  Agenda   Minutes
5/10/16 General Meeting  Agenda   Minutes


2014-2015 Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
9/9/14 Agenda Minutes
10/14/14 Agenda Minutes
11/18/14 Agenda Minutes
1/13/15 General Meeting Agenda Minutes
2/9/15 Board Meeting Agenda Minutes
2/25/15 Board Meeting Agenda Minutes
3/10/15 General Meeting Agenda Minutes
1/13/15 Board Meeting Agenda Minutes
4/7/15 General Meeting Agenda Minutes
4/28/15 Board Meeting Agenda Minutes
5/12/15 General Meeting Agenda Minutes