Art@Booksin touches all 851 students at Booksin Elementary. Our newly revamped art program at Booksin encourages imagination, and exposes every student to multiple art styles and techniques.  Our objective is to show students, parents, and teachers incremental art competencies that build student confidence and expand art skills as they progress through the grade levels.  

Garden – Bulldogs Backyard

The Bulldogs Backyard Garden is an outdoor classroom that provides students a hands-on learning experience in life science. With the assistance of 2-3 (preferably 3) parent volunteers per class, all of the students will experience the garden for at least one hour each month. Additionally, volunteers can assist at the monthly garden clean up days, meet more families and learn all kinds of helpful gardening tips.

In past years we have provided our big summer harvest farmstand as our one big fundraiser.  This year we hope to add more seasonal after-school farmstands, which also provides opportunities for our ‘Garden Guardian’ students to learn how to organize and run a small business.

Please contact Galen Chesarek for more information or to get involved at

Cornerstone ABC Readers

ABC Reader is a parent run program which allows the parents to connect with the students by going into the classroom each month and reading a book to the class.  A discussion about the book and an activity follows.  Each book deals with different subjects and the lessons help the students develop skills on how to handle situations such as getting picked on at school and how to deal with it, how to be a good/loyal friend, how to face your fears, etc.  Project Cornerstone is based on 41 Developmental Assets.  The assets are the positive values, relationships, skills and experiences that help children and teens thrive.

Mileage Club

Mileage Club is a fun lunch recess activity for students.  A small track is set up with cones on the grass area, where the kids walk/run/skip around and earn small foot tokens (little feet on a necklace) for each mile walked.  It offers a safe, organized program where the kids get encouragement from parent volunteers.  The kids LOVE this program.  The students can participate all of recess or for just 5-10 minutes.  In addition to the health benefits, it reinforces some of the Cornerstone Developmental Assets: Connection with a caring adult, Positive Peer influence, Achievement motivation, Personal power. Lunch time volunteers are needed to run this wonderful program, please contact Jodi Hall at if you are able to help out.

Principal’s Coffee

Get your important questions answered directly from the Principal and learn more about what is happening at Booksin. Coffee, tea and pastries are provided and Principal’s Coffee is open to all parents and guardians of students at Booksin. Please join us at 8:20 am in Room 15 at Booksin. The 2016-17 school year Principal’s Coffees are scheduled for: September 16, November 04, January 20 and March 03, May 05.  Please contact Tarin Christensen at to learn more.

Teacher Treats

Help support (and spoil!) our teachers.  Each month grade levels sponsor monthly teachers treats.  Be on the lookout in your Thursday or Friday folders to see if your child’s grade is the sponsor grade that month.  If you are able to, send in treats for our teachers to enjoy.


The Booksin yearbook is a photo memory book that highlights staff, students, and important events that showcase the atmosphere of the daily life at Booksin. It is available for the entire community to purchase for approximately $20. Last year we sold 640 books and gave each class a complimentary book.  If you would like more information, please contact Joyce Cisper at  or Tom Cisper at