Art@Booksin touches all students at Booksin Elementary. In 2016 we launched our revamped art program at Booksin.  Tying as many lessons as possible into the common core curriculum we encourage imagination, and expose every student to multiple art styles and techniques.  Our objective is to show students, parents, and teachers incremental art competencies that build student confidence and expand art skills as they progress through the grade levels.   

How the Program works:

    • Every student and docent participates under the guiding principle that Art is student created and produced.
    • Each student has at least one lesson each year dedicated to enhancing their skills in the following media: clay, collage, fiber art/weaving, drawing, and painting.
    • Each student produces an annual self-portrait in August.
    • Each grade works as a group to create an art piece to auction for the annual Walkathon.
    • Lesson plans are on-line, have clear objectives and defined art technique development.
    • A minimum of one lesson per grade is tied to the Common Core Curriculum
    • Art lesson and project preparation require a maximum of 3 hours from docents.

The program is 100% volunteer led and managed.  For it to be successful, a minimum of two enthusiastic and reliable volunteers, or “docents” are needed, per classroom.  Roughly 60 docents provide support for the program each year. The program requires ~ 2-3 hours a month (September through April inclusive). This includes time to read the lesson plans, familiarize yourself with the Powerpoint slideshow, and set up and clear the art room. Docents Only: Access this page

All the lesson plans are available online, and a PowerPoint slideshow is prewritten for each lesson for docents to walk through with the students. BESCA provides all art materials.  This is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity.  If you have not done so already, complete your volunteer packet that you can get from the office.

To access the schedule for classes in room 24 use this link – if you are prompted to enter a password it is art@booksin 

If you are interested in knowing more, please reach out via email: or in person – thank you for your support it is not possible without you!

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